Finance Advisory Council

  • Purpose

    The Finance Advisory Council’s purpose is to function as an advisory committee to the Lakeville Area Schools Administration to ensure community participation and understanding of the school district’s financial and budget planning processes, and to provide input to the Administration on budget planning that supports the school district’s goals. Fiscal topics include short- and long-term financial planning; financial policies and practices; financial decisions’ impact analysis; local, state and national trends in finance and economics; and analysis of legislative issues affecting education.  

    Level of Authority

    Advisory to the Superintendent


    Composed of 4 interested citizens or taxpayers of the district who, upon application, are appointed by the Administration for 3-year terms.  

    Also included are representatives (1 each) of:  

    • Licensed staff member,  
    • Non-licensed staff member,  
    • Building administrator, and  
    • Board of Education member. 

         *These are volunteer-based staff membership positions and are not stipend. 

    The Superintendent, Executive Director of Business Services and Controller shall serve as ex-officio members.  


    The Superintendent and Director of Business Services shall review applications. Initial terms will be for 2 or 3 years so that replacements are staggered. Any vacancies are filled by the same process.  

    Members are expected to attend all meetings. Members not able to meet this commitment may be asked to resign.  

    Meetings will be held at least quarterly.

    Typical Meeting Schedule

    The Finance Advisory Council meets at least four times per year at the school district office in Lakeville from 5-6 p.m. 

    Administrative Contact

    Bill Holmgren
    Executive Director of Business Services

Apply to be a Member

  • People interested in being considered for membership on the Finance Advisory Council should submit an online application by June 8, 2023.