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School Closures and FLEX Days

  • The superintendent may close or delay school, activities and/or programs when the weather is bad or driving conditions are unsafe, or in the event of an emergency. The first day of the school year when school buildings are closed due to bad weather or driving conditions will always be treated as a traditional "snow day," where there is no school in person or online. Any days that school buildings are closed after the first snow day will be Flexible Learning Days (Flex Days), with K-12 students learning from home by connecting with their teachers and peers via Webex, and completing assignments given by their teachers. If school is closed due to an emergency, a Flex Day will also be implemented. The superintendent can call up to five Flex Days in a school year, per the Minnesota Department of Education. Flex Days allow for continued learning even when school is closed due to the weather, and they make it less likely that the district will have to schedule make-up days later in the school year. 

    On Flex Days, Lakeville Online Academy students are expected to continue their online coursework as usual. 

    *During the 2023-24 school year, Lakeville Area Schools will be piloting a Flex Day experience that involves more opportunities for live interactions between students and teachers using WebEx, in addition to independent work. 

What should students do on Flex Days?

  • Elementary Students Schedule and Directions (K-5)

  • Secondary Student Schedule and Directions (Grades 6-12)




Webex Directions for Students/Families

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How to get started with Webex

  • Webex is a Video/Audio call application that can be installed on your device from Self-Service. This video will help you get started with joining a Webex call!



  • If a student needs technical support, please submit a ticket with our technology department.