• Fee Assistance for Enrichment Programs

    Fee Assistance is available to families who qualify for Educational Benefits (and other circumstances) through Lakeville Area Schools. Please complete the steps listed in the online Fee Assistance Application and allow at least four business days before a class start date to allow for processing.  If a class is full, you may be placed on a waitlist.  Fee Assistance approval does not guarantee placement in class. If there is an issue with your request/acceptance you will be notified.

    Who qualifies for Fee Assistance?
    • Families who qualify for Educational Benefits with Lakeville Area Schools
    • Other situations: If a family does not qualify for Educational Benefits but has had a life event that has rendered them unable to pay the full amount.
    • Unhoused, or displaced: Families who are unhoused or displaced at any time.
    • Immediate family member is in the military.
    • Adults: Adults without school aged children who are in financial need; or adults with school aged children who qualify for Educational Benefits.

    Fee Assistance Amount, Per Person Cap:
    Fee Assistance amount:  60% off the price of the class (class price minimum of $30)
    Per person cap: Max $250 per class, no more than 4 classes per year

    -All year Spanish (Fee Assistance still available, call for more details)
    -Small Group or Private Lessons (no Fee Assistance available).
    -Additional Costs (Fee Assistance is not available for the additional cost of materials, supplies, equipment or transportation when it is charged separate from the class fee) 
    -Admission fees such as open swim or open gymnastics. (no Fee Assistance available)

    Fee Assistance is limited to residents of the Lakeville Area School District or students open enrolled into the Lakeville Area School District.

    Approval & Notice:
    Approval Process: All requests will be reviewed by the Enrichment & Marketing Manager.  
    Notice of Fee Assistance: All applicants will be notified of their approval or denial of Fee Assistance.
    Fee Assistance Application Form:

    Reach out to Amanda: amanda.cambronne@isd194.org or call 952-232-2150.