Peachjar for Community Partners

  • Peachjar logoLakeville Area Schools works with community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by distributing their flyers electronically via Peachjar to district families. These groups can create a Peachjar account to submit flyers to the District for approval. Once approved, the flyer will automatically be emailed to families at the selected schools and be posted on those schools' online flyerboards. 

    What you get out of Peachjar

    You have the opportunity to submit your flyer to our District through Peachjar and reach thousands of our families and our students. 

    Peachjar provides community partners with free consultation on how to create informative and engaging flyers. When uploading your flyer for approval, you can select which school(s) you want your flyer to be shared with and schedule when you want it to be emailed to families. You can add call-to-action buttons that link to more information, registration, ticketing and more. Peachjar also offers metrics so community partners can see how many clicks and how much engagement their flyers are getting.

    Peachjar Fee

    Peachjar charges a fee of no more than $25 per school for this service. This cost is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to schools. This fee goes to Peachjar only, not the District. Discounts can be found at

    *Note: Non-profit organizations may be eligible for free or discounted flyer submissions. After creating your account, please email They will provide you with a form that can be filled out so you can submit flyers for free or at a discount.

    Flyer Approval Guidelines

    All flyers must meet our Flyer Approval Guidelines. After uploading and submitting your flyer, the District will review your flyer to make sure it falls within these guidelines. Once approved, your flyer will be sent to the selected families and be posted on each selected school's online flyerboard.

    When We Send Flyers

    To avoid families getting too many Peachjar emails during the week, the District will plan to only have flyers be emailed out on Fridays at 3 p.m. To allow us time to review and approve flyers, please submit your flyer by Thursdays at noon. It also helps us if when submitting your flyer, you select a Friday as your Target Distribution date. Please take this timing into consideration when submitting flyers for time-sensitive events. 


How to Submit a Flyer

  • Before community partners can submit a flyer, they must create an account by visiting Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner and create a "Community Organization" account.

    To upload and submit a flyer for distribution through Peachjar, follow these instructions. Online tutorials can be read here.

    1. Sign into your Peachjar account.
    2. Review our Flyer Approval Guidelines before beginning. You will be asked to confirm you've read these guidelines during the submission process.
    3. Once signed into your account, use the "Post & Notify" tool to begin the upload and submission process. This involves:
      • Uploading your PDF
      • Reviewing a text version that can be read aloud for visually impaired audiences
      • Giving your flyer a title
      • Adding optional call-to-action buttons
      • Selecting the school(s) you want to send your flyer to
      • Setting a send date and expiration date for your flyer
    4. Pay the service fee
    5. Review all the information and then click "Submit"
    6. The District will then review your flyer and approve it for digital distribution or deny it with a note explaining why or explaining if changes need to be made before it can be approved.



    If you have any questions, please contact Peachjar at