College and Career Readiness

  • Collage of students at different career stations on Career DayCollege and Career Readiness at Lakeville Area Schools focuses on opening doors for students post-high school graduation to ensure they are able to continue to develop their skills and know how their strengths, interests and passions can play a role in careers that are relevant, in-demand, and economically viable. Thus, College and Career Readiness prepares students for not only discipline-specific knowledge but also critical thinking, social-emotional learning, perseverance, effective communication, leadership and citizenship. Learn more about College and Career Readiness via Minnesota Statute, section 120B.30, subdivision 1 (p).

Thank You Lakeville Area Business Community

  • We appreciate the support of our local business community, which offers a variety of opportunities for students through learning partnerships, donations, sharing their expertise, and so much more! 

    How the Business Community has Helped Students

    In Spring 2022, Dakota County, the Lakeville Area Chamber Foundation and Lakeville Area Learning Center held a Career Mentoring program for students. They were able to explore careers in various industries, tour local businesses, discover their own personal strengths and career interests and work with mentors. Watch the video to see what that program was like.

CCR Spotlights

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