Academic Lettering

  • This Academic Lettering Certificate is given to students who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom at Lakeville North High School.  Students who qualify for an Academic Letter are given a Lettering Certificate. If they wish to add or begin patch lettering, they will need to purchase a first time letter "L" (Lakeville) patch or continue on with their series of lettering bar, pin, numbers, etc. Lettering patches can be purchased at any athletic store. 


    • Students must obtain an overall GPA of 3.7 or higher, for two consecutive semesters per year to be eligible for an Academic Letter

    Process to apply for an Academic Letter

    • The application below MUST be completed by the student while logged into their school Gmail account
    • Applicant must select/check which year they wish to apply 
    • Applicant’s qualifications will be verified in order to receive a Letter
    • If granted an Academic Letter, students will receive their Letter Certificate in class, usually during Advisory
    • All grades for each semester must be on students' transcript for qualifying years. 
    • Students apply in the fall for the previous school year, not over the summer months.

    Apply for Academic Lettering in the fall of 2024 for 2023-2024 school year, and any previous years.