Frequently Asked Questions

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    Please see answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more about the May 11 referendum.

  • Q: What is this referendum for?

  • Q: When is the vote?

  • Q: Can I vote before May 11th like I did during the presidential election?

  • Q: Are the polling locations on May 11th the same as where I voted for president last fall?

  • Q: Wasn't there a referendum in 2019?

  • Q: What about the additions that have been built onto some of the elementary schools?

  • Q: How do you develop your enrollment projections?

  • Q: Who will attend the new elementary school?

  • Q: Where will the new school be located?

  • Q: What will it cost to build the new school?

  • Q: Does the district have enough money to operate the new school?

  • Q: Will the new school include space for early childhood?

  • Q: If we are growing so much, will we need more space at the middle school and high school too?