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  • Principal Bret Domstrand

    It is our philosophy that all children are entitled to a rewarding and successful school experience, not only as individuals, but also as members of the school group, the community and the nation. Through a nurturing environment, the school program should stimulate all students to achieve their individual maximum potentials and to develop attitudes, skills, interests and knowledge that enable them to become contributing and productive citizens of society.

    Our community of amazing students, staff and families make Lake Marion Elementary a wonderful place to learn.  We are committed to every child’s achievement through passionate educators who dedicate their energy into developing our citizens of the future.  We welcome your child and family to the Lake Marion Elementary CATS community.

    We are the CATS, which stands for:

    • Caring Community
    • Awesome Attitude
    • Trustworthy
    • Safe

    We look forward to an exciting school year. It is our goal to involve parents as key members of our educational team. We sincerely hope this year is enjoyable and a time for real growth.

    Teamwork, of course, means good communication between home and school. Please contact us whenever you have questions or concerns. In addition, our schools are always open for you to visit. We greatly appreciate parent visits and encourage everyone to share their experiences.

    Best wishes for a successful school year.


    Bret Domstrand
    Lake Marion Principal
    (952) 232-2700

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