Scholarships & Awards

  • Scholarships are grants or monetary awards that can support a student's education after high school. They are awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement. This page details how to submit scholarship applications to the LSHS Career Center for submission. This page also includes a list of scholarships available for student applicants. Don't stop looking here though! All colleges offer their own scholarships too. Be sure to visit their websites frequently. Also check with newspapers, magazines, parents’ employers, student’s employer, churches, and any student or parent/relative organizations/clubs.

    How to Submit Scholarship Applications

    Bring the entire, completed application (sealed letters of recommendation, essays, Dean forms needing signatures/information, and a stamped envelope addressed to the scholarship donor) to Heather Allen in the Student Services office to be mailed to the scholarship donor.

    Getting a Letter of Recommendation

    If letters of recommendation are required, please inform all individuals of your intentions two weeks before the due date to give them time to write your letter. Fill out a Request for Letter of Recommendation Form and give it to the individual writing your letter. The information you provide on this form will help them write their letter of recommendation. Follow the directions from the scholarship application for how to submit letters of recommendation.

    Requesting a Transcript for a Scholarship Application

    Some scholarship organizations use Parchment for sending transcripts. However, most organizations prefer a printed version. When a printed/official version is needed for scholarship applications please follow the instructions below:

    1. Bring in an envelope addressed to the scholarship organization with proper postage on it (do not put a return address on the envelope).
    2. Leave the transcript information on the scholarship application blank. Students Services is required to fill out class ranks, cumulative grade point average & ACT scores.

    There is no cost to process the official scholarship transcript.

    For questions regarding scholarship applications and transcripts, please contact or 952-232-3330.

    Tips for Submitting a Successful Scholarship Application

    We have four tips for submitting a scholarship application.

    • START EARLY. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete the application.
    • PROOFREAD your application. Type or write in ink (not pencil).
    • DON’T PROCRASTINATE. Deadlines are final. Your application will not be considered if it is late.
    • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your application. Keep a copy of your application for your records.

Establish an LSHS Scholarship

  • Any scholarship donors interested in establishing a scholarship for LSHS students need to contact Heather Allen in Student Services. In order to be an LSHS academic scholarship, the award must be offered to all seniors at LSHS. All scholarships must be established by the end of January for that school year. Monies are due in March of each year. Scholarship recipients are chosen and recognized in May at the Senior Awards Program.

    LSHS Student Services
    Heather Allen

List of Scholarships

  • LSHS Local Scholarships

  • Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities

  • MCIS Scholarship Search & Financial Aid

  • General Scholarships