Credit Check

  • A document entitled, "Credit Check" is a one-page summary of all requirements for each class designated by year of graduation. You can find these Credit Check summaries at the links below. The credit check illustrates the 44 semester credits needed by curricular area, the career portfolio activities to be completed in grades 9-12, and the standardized testing requirements for graduation. Students must meet all the essential components in order to earn a diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies.


    9th Grade Credit Check Form


    10th Grade Credit Check Form


    11th Grade Credit Check Form


    12th Grade Credit Check Form




Course Selection Forms

  • Another document created to assist in registration for classes is entitled, "Course Selection Form." These grade-specific forms can be found in the links below. The course selection forms include a list of all courses available by grade level. For instance, the 9th grade course selection form lists all required courses and all electives available to freshman. Please note, it is important to read each course description in the Program of Studies, as there are prerequisites for many courses. This form is distributed to all students and is available online during registration.



    9th Grade Course Selection Form


    10th Grade Course Selection Form


    11th & 12th Grade Course Selection Form