• Covid-19 Guidance Update

    Through Thursday, June 10 It is the responsibility of the group leaders to ensure that any participant, volunteer, parent, and spectator follows the Safe Learning Plan currently in place including masks requirements indoors. 


    Effective June 11, 2021 The District moves forward with consideration of the most updated guidance from the CDC and MDH. Please review Lakeville Area Schools COVID-19 Protocols for 2021 Summer Programs  for full information on requirements and recommendations. 

    Next Steps

    What are your next steps for facility and ground use within Lakeville Area Schools if requesting time prior to June 30, 2021?


    Non-District sponsored use that ALREADY has approved permits

    1. Update the recommendations in your preparedness plan 
    2. Submit your updated preparedness plan to facilitiesuse@isd194.org at least one week prior to your permitted start date

    Examples of updates to your plan include (but not limited to:)

    1. Keep a daily roster/attendance of participants
    2. Complete contact tracing steps as outlined by MDH
    3. Daily health screening protocols continue
    4. Pay any past due permit balances


    Non-District sponsored use that DOES NOT have approved permits

    1. Prepare a preparedness plan based on MDH guidelines
    2. Submit request for space along with preparedness plan including all items required by MDH
    3. Submit a current Certificate of Insurance listing ISD 194 as additional insured with a minimum of $1.5 mil per occurrence
    4. Depending on event type, an onsite walkthrough may be required
    5. Pay any past due permit balances
    6. Upon preparedness plan review and request able to be fulfilled, a permit will then be issued


    Items for group leaders to be aware of:

    • Although masks are not required after June 10, they are highly recommended. Please refer to the guidance letter and applicable CDC/MDH guidelines within the District Summer Programming Plan. 
    • Following facility use rules must be done, including maintaining spaces used during and at the end of permitted use.
    • Facility Supervisors will be on hand during the summer and will be touching base with group leaders throughout the permitted time, please share with them any questions or concerns or in real-time needs that arise and they will help coordinate a resolve.
    • All facility use by both district and non-district users must be requested through the proper channels. This is for the safety, security and well-being of all. 


    Summer Building Hours

    Summer Building Hours begin on Monday, June 14 and run through Sunday August 15

    Lakeville North High School, Lakeville South High School,

    Kenwood Trail Middle School, McGuire Middle School

    Mon - Fri

    6AM - 6PM

    Select Elementaries and Crystal Lake Education Center will be hosting District summer programming. Non-District use will not be held at these (with exception of permitted summer youth sports camps at Cherryview Elementary)

    Mon - Fri

    6AM - 6PM


    For non-district sponsored use outside of these times fees are as follows: 

    • Mon - Fri after 6PM and Saturdays - $45/hr
    • Sundays - $60/hr


    Request and Processing Timelines

    Current day

    Permits are currently being accepted and processed through August 15, 2021

    July 1 to July 31

    Non-district sponsored user groups may submit their request for SY 2021-2022, this includes ALL ANNUAL held events that have been held historically in past years. 

    August 16 - September 13

    Non-district sponsored use will not be permitted during this time as the District prepares for the start of the new school year. Only approved District-sponsored programming will be permitted during these dates as well as long-term contractual plans 

    August 1 - August 31

    Permits will begin to be processed for SY 2021-22 based on what was submitted via Facility Use Requests Form during the July timeframe. 

    All requests will be reviewed with every effort to accommodate  equally and efficiently, after items submitted in July have been permitted, those requests submitted in August will begin.

    If there are found conflicts the Facility Use office team will work to find all options. Placing a request is not your confirmation, receiving a Permit from the Facility Use office is your confirmation. 

    Requests for SY 21-22 can continue to be submitted, but will be processed after the July requests are reviewed. 

    September 1 and beyond

    Requests received after August 1 will continue to be processed. 

    Other Resources:

    Onsite Walk-Through

    An onsite walk-through will be scheduled to go over the arrivals and in person planning for your group, members of District staff will also be available to hear plan and offer support and or any supplies and access accommodation and planning needed.

    Program Oversight

    The participants of your program are each user group’s responsibility. This is part of the District guidelines and facility use rules. Before, during and after while they are on District property. Please ensure that there is a person from your group monitoring both arrival and departure. 

    Exposure & Diagnosis Steps & FAQs