Early Childhood Screening Informational Video


    About Our Family Outreach Specialist

    Community Education’s Family Outreach Specialist is a unique feature of the Lakeville Area Community Education Early Childhood Programs. Our Family Outreach Specialist visits with each family during the summary time of screening. She discusses their strengths and needs as well as offers services such as:

    • Linking children and families to community and other services
    • Improving service access
    • Dealing with family crisis
    • Meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and economic issues

    We now can provide guidance and response to families seeking and needing information and linkage to community resources.

    If you would like to contact Kathryn McLaughlin, our Family Outreach Specialist, you can call her at 952-232-3009, or email kathryn.mclaughlin@isd194.org