iPads for All (1:1)

  • Student using iPad

    Lakeville Area Schools is implementing its Empowering Learning Educational Technology Plan, which was approved by the Board of Education. Part of this plan includes providing a 7th generation iPad for every student in the district. By providing all students with the same device, Lakeville Area Schools reduces the disparity in type, quality and capability of the devices students have access to in their classrooms and at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a device for each student will also ensure the district meets CDC recommendations, which indicate that electronic devices should not be shared between students.

    Having a district-issued iPad for learning is exciting, and comes with its own set of responsibilities. We ask that you review our iPad Family Handbook to learn more about taking care of your device, using your device, the acceptable use, what to do if your device is damaged, lost or stolen and more.

    If you have any questions, email Tracy Brovold, Director of Technology, at tracy.brovold@isd194.org

Watch this video about the 1:1 iPad program at Lakeville Area Schools. Listen to teachers and students talk about how they used the devices as an educational tool in the classroom!

Student Resources

  • We have put together several Student Resources to help show students how they can use their iPads. This includes everything from simple tips and tricks to creating videos and accessing their learning platforms. Click the image or button below to visit our iPad Student Resources page.

    iPad Student Resources

iPad Family Handbook

  • View the iPad Family Handbook by clicking the handbook cover image or button below. You can also review information from a specific section of the handbook by clicking on one of the section tabs below.

    iPad Family Handbook