Assistive Technology

  • Lakeville Area Public Schools offers resources for families who are considering Assistive Technology (AT) in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). As outlined in IDEA 97 (34 C.F.R. 300.346), it is mandated that all students with an IEP must be considered for assistive technology. To provide a free, appropriate, public education, the IEP team must consider if AT is needed for the student to meet IEP goals and objectives.

    Our district understands the federal requirements for assistive technology and strives to exceed these requirements by implementing best practices for quality assistive technology services. In order to ensure best practices for assistive technology services, our district follows the “Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services” guidelines developed by the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) Consortium.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is Assistive Technology (AT)?

  • Why do I need to know about AT?

  • What is meant by “consideration” when discussing AT?

  • Who provides consideration for AT?

  • What are the conclusions an IEP team could make in regard to AT?

  • Must every student with a disability be assessed for AT?

  • What is the school’s responsibility for providing AT?

  • Are schools required to pay for assistive technology services and products?

  • What are schools’ responsibilities for customization, repair, maintenance, or replacement of AT devices included in the IEP?

  • I think my student needs a specific piece of equipment OR a parent has requested something specific for their child. What should I do?

  • My student is moving to a different school in the district. What do I do with their assistive technology?