Early Childhood Special Education

  • While all children grow at their own rate, some children have delays in their development. Special health conditions may also affect children’s development. Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) provides free special education services, including special education teacher, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists, to children from ages birth to kindergarten in a variety of settings including home, community and school-based early childhood programs. Children are eligible for Early Childhood Special Education through a special education evaluation.

    If you have concerns about your child’s development and they are between the ages of 0-5 please call Early Childhood Special Education. ECSE offers, at no cost to families, information, support and referral services that may help a child and family.

    • For birth to age 3 please call 952-232-3054
    • For ages 3-5 years please call 952-232-3043


    Referral Information

    Help Me Grow If you live within Lakeville Area Public Schools and are concerned about your child’s speech, motor skills or overall development, you can make a referral the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) team also known as Help Me Grow. If your child is birth to 2 years of age, you can direct your referral to the Infant Toddler Intervention (ITI) team at 952-232-3054. If your child is 3-5 years old you can make a referral to the 3-5 team at 952-232-3043.

    If you have concerns about your child’s development you can also talk to your health care provider, call 1-866-693-GROW (4769) or use the online referral system to refer your child to Help Me Grow for more assistance.

    For questions regarding Help Me Grow eligibility and diagnosed conditions, contact the MN Department of Health program coordinator at 651-201-3641.