Data and Assessment

  • The vision of the data and assessment team is to support the district's vision for data use, model the use of data to make instructional decisions, and encourage and support other staff to do the same. Our services include:

    • overseeing the district's balanced and comprehensive assessment system, which aligns with the Minnesota Academic Standards and district objectives. 
    • support a continuous improvement model empowering educators and administrators to utilize data for monitoring progress, leading to improved outcomes for all students. 
    • provide data to students, parents, district staff and our Lakeville community in order to support and make informed curriculum and program decisions.
  • Our approach involves the administration of several standardized assessments, categorized as follows:

    1. State Accountability Tests: Mandated by the state, these tests gauge student achievement of Minnesota Grade Level Standards, assess school/district effectiveness, and determine student readiness for Minnesota State College and University courses.

    2. District Standardized Tests: Acquired by the district, these tests are administered to shape educational programming and guide instructional decision-making.

    3. National College and Career Readiness Tests: Informing students, parents, and staff, these tests provide insights into student progress toward national college and career readiness standards.

    Through these assessments, we monitor student academic achievement, track academic growth, and assess preparedness for college and career goals. The data obtained aids in tailoring educational strategies and resources to better support our students.

  • Assessment Calendar- District Overview

  • Assessment Calendar- State Accountability Assessment Schedules by Building