Step 3: Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten Readiness

  • Activities to Help Your Child Get Ready

    The following activities are suggested for you to do with your child to develop kindergarten readiness. Don't worry about perfection. Let your child explore and develop new skills.

    Language Development 

    • Read stories. Use the public library and read lots of different types of books. Talk about what you read.

    Social Development

    • Play with your child and arrange time for your child to play with other children.
    • Try to find time to be apart from your child by leaving your child with a caregiver for short periods.
    • Limit screen time.

    Fine Motor Development

    • Provide time for your child to use crayons and safety scissors, roll dough, help with sorting around the house, and other activities that involve using their hands.

    Motor Development

    • Go to the park or neighborhood playground.
    • Encourage jumping, running, and marching.
    • Play or dance indoors to music.

    In addition, parents/caregivers, you can help your child be successful in Kindergarten by developing good sleep habits, eating healthy/nutritious foods, limiting screen time, and exposing your child to new environments, people, and places.

    The Kindergarten Child

    While there are no requirements for kindergarten readiness, it is helpful for your child to demonstrate the following characteristics and skills as they enter kindergarten.

  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Skills

  • Physical/Adaptive Skills

  • Literacy Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Math Skills

A Day in Kindergarten