Flyer Distribution Approval

  • Guidelines

    The Community Education Department may authorize the distribution of a flyer to Lakeville Area Schools families if the group and flyer meet the following criteria established:

    • The sponsoring group is a local, nonprofit organization.
    • The flyer is directed toward appropriate grade levels.
    • The flyer does not promote a program which is in competition with a District or school-sponsored program.
    • The flyer meets applicable district policies.
    • It must be clear on each flyer who the sponsoring group is and it must contain a contact phone number.
    • Please put on the bottom of every flyer: This flyer is not printed by District 194 nor is the event, activity, program or service sponsored or endorsed by District 194.
    • If you are requesting that we distribute some copies to the elementary schools, please label each school “bundle” with: school name and grade levels. Securely wrap each bundle or place flyers in envelopes or boxes. Deliver your bundles of flyers to the Community Education Department, 17685 Juniper Path, Suite 200, Lakeville. We will give you numbers to print after the flyer is approved. 

    If you would like to send a small supply to the secondary buildings, 25-30 is usually sufficient. An announcement will be made to the student body and copies will be retained in the school office. Flyers will be posted electronically on the school district website weekly.


    • Submit your request along with a copy of the flyer 2-3 weeks in advance by filling out either the online Google form or the paper form and emailing a copy in PDF format of the flyer to Lisa Wright,
    • Once it is approved, if you request, the group will be given the numbers of flyers to print per elementary
    • Flyers will be posted electronically on the school district website weekly.
    • For more information, contact Community Education at 952-232-2152
    • If the event is held at an District 194 school building, please make sure to fill out a facility request to reserve space. The facility needs to be confirmed before flyer will be posted.

    This service is a privilege, not a guarantee, and the District will do the best it can to facilitate this service. If the flyer is available in electronic form, it will be posted on the district website.


  • For more information, contact Community Education at 952-232-2152.