Open Enrollment

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    Open Enrollment is for students who live outside of Lakeville Area Schools boundaries, but wish to attend school in the district. Minnesota Statute 124D.03 allows all Minnesota’s public school students the opportunity to apply to attend school outside of the school district where they live.

    Please note: Per Minnesota Statute, a School Board may limit, by resolution, nonresident enrollment in its schools or programs if open enrollment exceeds one percent of the total enrollment at each grade level in the district. Currently, across Lakeville Area Schools, the current percentage of open enrolled students exceeds the one percent rule by grade level, ranging anywhere from 4 percent to 9.5 percent.

    As of April 2021, Open Enrollment for the 21-22 school year has been closed to several Elementary Schools, specific grade levels (grades K-5) and to all three middle schools (grades 6-8). This is due to grade levels that exceed the one percent total enrollment rule mandated by the State of MN.

    The district was required by the State to give priority to enrolling siblings of currently enrolled students, students whose applications were related to an approved integration and achievement plan, and children of the school district’s staff. Children who were open-enrolled into the district’s early-childhood special education programs were also given priority.

Application Process

Information Sessions

  • While waiting for a decision regarding your Open Enrollment application, you are welcome to attend Information Sessions scheduled at your first-choice school, with the understanding that your student may or may not be offered a spot in the district or approved for that school. If you submit paperwork at a school other than where your student might end up being placed, the paperwork can be easily transferred to the school building of placement.

    Please contact your first-choice school for upcoming information sessions.


Once Open Enrolled, Am I Required to Apply Every Year?

  • Approval into the District is permanent through your child's graduation. However, when your student transitions to the next level building, you will need to submit a new application. Although we give high priority to allowing students to transition with their peers provided space is available in that school building, if space is not available, open enrolled students will be offered placement into one of the other school buildings within the district.

    An Open Enrollment Application would also be required if a student’s primary residence address were to change to a different resident district than the one they lived in when they were originally accepted into the district.


  • Stay Tuned for Applications for the '22-23 School Year

    Monitor this page in early December 2021 for information regarding when the window will open for submitting applications for the 22-23 school year.

    Placement in Lakeville Area Schools is not first come first served, is not guaranteed, and building placement takes months to determine (if you have not received placement assignment within three weeks of submitting your application, you may contact

    We will communicate as soon as we are able should there be schools and grade levels that will not be options due to exceedingly high enrollment numbers, as we have experienced in the past several years. It is recommended that you indicate more than one school choice on your application.

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