Middle School Subject Acceleration

  • Lakeville Area Schools recognizes the need for academically gifted students to receive accelerated instruction. Acceleration is generally defined as moving students through the traditional curriculum at rates faster than the typical student experiences. The goal of acceleration is to match the level and complexity of the curriculum with the readiness and motivation of the learner. The Lakeville Acceleration Chart provides an overview of acceleration options available. Many forms of acceleration are incorporated into the general education program or one of the components of the gifted education program.

    Subject acceleration at the middle level is available in all content areas. Students may accelerate through a course (subject area) by demonstrating mastery in the course essential learnings using the criteria listed in the Middle School Subject Acceleration Procedures. To initiate the process the student and parent should discuss the request with the teacher and Dean.

    The site administrator will help initiate the process, which if pursued will result in the student submitting a Subject Acceleration Application and letter to the Acceleration Committee. The application deadline is May 1 for the following year. The classroom teacher will try at least two strategies for meeting the student’s needs and document their results before consideration.

    Once the application is submitted, the Acceleration Committee, including a teacher, the student’s dean and the Secondary Teaching and Learning Coordinator will review the request. The committee will used the criteria outlined in the Middle Level Subject Acceleration Procedures to guide their decision.

    The Acceleration Committee will notify the student, parent(s) and school personnel of its decision. If subject acceleration is recommended, a plan for the student will be developed and signed by the parent(s) and Acceleration Committee. The plan should be re-evaluated yearly. Subject acceleration requires a partnership between the school district and families. Parents should be aware that future years might require independent study, out-of-school programming or dual enrollment options. Transportation needs and scheduling issues must be considered. Transportation and additional costs are the responsibility of the family.

    • For more information, contact your site dean.

Acceleration Opportunities by Level