Elementary Subject Acceleration

  • Math

    Subject acceleration in math is the practice of providing students the opportunity to work through above grade-level math curriculum sequentially. In order to ensure students have a deep understanding of number sense and readiness for higher level math concepts, other enrichment options should be explored prior to implementing these subject acceleration procedures. In Lakeville Area Schools, students’ math acceleration in kindergarten and first grade is not recommended. Students (K-2) who test out of grade level material may have access to enrichment materials to prepare for possible acceleration in second grade. Students in second grade may be reviewed for subject acceleration after completing two cycles of FastBridge testing. The guidelines below may be used to identify students who may benefit from subject acceleration in math. Families requesting subject acceleration in math should review these guidelines carefully. The elementary gifted specialist at your school is available to help guide the process.

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    For more information about subject acceleration in math, please download the following documents:

Acceleration Opportunities by Level