Gifted Advisory Council

  • The Gifted Advisory Council is an advisory group that researches, reviews and suggests improvements to Lakeville Area Schools. Each meeting we explore topics related to the needs of gifted learners in our district. The Council is not a forum for individual student/school issues.  The Council is a catalyst for district-wide program improvement and increased parent communication regarding the needs of gifted learners. The Gifted Advisory Council functions in an advisory capacity in partnership with the Gifted Services Coordinator, Middle Level Advanced Learning Coordinator, Directors of Teaching and Learning, the Teaching and Learning Advisory Council and the Board of Education.

    Gifted Advisory Council Mission:

    Promote and enhance the goals and objectives of the K-12 Gifted Services programming.

    1. Build positive partnerships among the Board of Education, teachers, gifted staff, administration, and parents to support current gifted services and to advocate for future programming needs.
    2. Examine and review current gifted education best practice research in order to be an informed and united voice in advocacy for the unique needs of gifted learners.
    3. Provide ongoing feedback about current gifted programming in Lakeville Area Schools.
    4. Encourage open and accurate communication regarding gifted programming opportunities to parents and the community.

    Join the Advisory Council

    The Gifted Advisory Council meets four-five times a year. If you are interested in joining the Gifted Advisory Council, please contact:

    Molly Hammel
    Elementary Gifted Services Coordinator

    Leslie Eggan
    Middle Level Advanced Learning Coordinator