Immunization Information

  • Minnesota statutes 121A.15 and Minnesota rules Part 4604.0100 require that all children who are enrolled in a Minnesota school be immunized before starting school. These requirements can be waived only for medical reasons or if you are conscientiously opposed to a particular immunization. Student schedules will be withheld and students will not be allowed to start school if proof of immunization has not been presented to the Health Office.

Important Health Forms and Info

Required Immunizations

  • Lakeville Area Schools is one of many school districts throughout the state of Minnesota that participates in the No Shots-No School Program. This program (which follows state law Minnesota statutes 121A.15 and Minnesota rules Part 4604.0100) has schools and local clinics working together to see that all students in our district are properly immunized before starting school in the fall. The program provides barrier-free access to immunizations for families without insurance and /or a family clinic. Check now with your family doctor or clinic to see if your child(ren) has all the immunizations required for their age level. If the student receives an immunization during the summer months, send by mail or drop off at the school the date (day, month and year) of the shot received. If you have questions or do not have insurance, contact the nurse at your child’s school for assistance. Leave a message and phone number where you can be reached and the nurse will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Immunization Exemption

    If you do not wish to have your child(ren) immunized due to medical or conscientious reasons you can pick up an exemption form at your child’s school. Fill out the form including reason for exemption, have it notarized, and then return to the school your child(ren) will be attending in the fall.

    Immunization Clinics

    Dakota County offers immunization clinics for persons 18 years of age and younger. These clinics are an affordable opportunity for those families who may not have health coverage for their child’s immunizations.

    Dakota County Western Service Center
    14955 Galaxie Avenue
    Apple Valley, MN, 55124
    Website for Dakota County Public Health

Other Vaccine Information

  • Other Vaccine Information

  • Hepatitis A

  • Human Papillomavirus

  • Meningitis

  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)