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Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

  • Safety comes first in everything we do. When food allergies exist, we encourage families to work together with their school nurse and cook managers to make sure that safety measures are in place.

    Peanuts are a common allergen. We are not a peanut free district but do have measures in place to protect your child. Please contact your school nurse and kitchen manager for any school specific information (ex: nut free table, etc.).

    Special Dietary Requests

    When a medical condition exists in which a major life function is affected by diet, such as celiac disease, a special diet can be provided. Prior to being able to make accommodations, a Special Diet Statement form must be completed by a state licensed medical authority: Physician, Physician's Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. Please contact your school nurse to initiate requests and obtain a copy of the Special Diet Statement form. More information regarding the process for Special Dietary requests can be found in the Special Diet Memo for Parents.

    Lactose-Free Milk Requests

    Lakeville Area Schools will provide lactose-free milk for students with lactose intolerance. Parents can request lactose-free milk for their student by submitting the lactose-free milk request form. The form must be submitted each school year.

    For questions regarding special dietary needs, contact your school nurse or Kristen Rezac RD, LD, SNS at: or 952-232-2062.

  • Lakeville Area Schools is an equal opportunity provider.