kindergarten students

Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Lakeville Area Schools believes kindergarten is a major milestone in a child’s learning journey. We believe the Lakeville Area Schools' kindergarten experience provides an inquisitive environment that is welcoming to ALL learners, while developing a lifelong passion for learning.

    We believe that student success starts with:

    • Ready Students who are ready for kindergarten and are able to actively engage in academic and essential life skills.
    • Ready Families who have opportunities in accessing tools and resources that support their child’s readiness for kindergarten.
    • Ready Schools that support every child every day through robust learning experiences that are responsive to the diverse needs of ALL learners.
    • Ready Community that supports our children, families and schools through relationship building.

    Children who are five-years-old on or before September 1 are eligible to begin kindergarten. The date for online enrollment registration for incoming kindergartners is TBD. You will need to provide your child’s birth certificate, passport, or hospital record when completing the enrollment process. Copies of these legal documents are accepted.

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Step 1: Kindergarten Enrollment Checklist
  • Step 2: Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Kindergarten Events
  • Step 3: Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten
  • Step 4: Before or After-School Child Care Options
  • Step 5: Enrollment and Registration

  • Questions?

    If you have further questions about Lakeville Area Schools’ curriculum, please contact: 

    Sandy Giorgi
    Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning

    You may also contact your building’s respective principal and/or office manager. Their contact information can be found on the Elementary Overview page.

    If you have questions about enrollment options, including Open Enrollment, please contact:

    Student Information Services