• Drop-off/Pick-up Lane Etiquette

    Parents are asked to use our drop-off/pick-up lane when dropping off their child(ren).  The lane next to the curb (right lane) is intended for drop-off and pick-up only.  The left lane is intended for cars leaving only. Cars cannot be left unattended in either lane due to the fact that it will obstruct our fire lane.  If cars are found parked in this lane (without the driver) parents will be asked to move them.  If parents need to park, they will need to park in our parking lot.  We are also asking that your children stay out of the parking lot unless escorted by an adult.

    Thanks for your help and understanding.  We believe this will help alleviate some of the safety concerns that we have been having by our main entrance during drop-off/pick-up times.  Please see video below for drop off pick-up procedures.  


    End of Day Pick-Up

    Dismissal Mission Statement: Our LVE dismissal consists of an environment that is calm, safe, and efficient, which will result in students getting to their predetermined destination. 

    • Dismissal bell will ring at 3:20.
    • Please make sure your child’s pick up colored card is visible on your dashboard so we can help direct you to the right location.  
    • Students in grades k-3 will be picked up at our main entrance 
    • Students in grades 4-5 will be picked up in the bus loop
    • When you enter the bus loop, please stay to the right and park along the curb.  Buses will be in that lot loading students.  Once all students have been loaded, buses will leave.  After they leave, cars will pull up along the curb and wait for their child.  

    What if I have children in both wings?   One child in k-3 and one child  in 4-5?  Or, what do I do if my 1st grader is carpooling with a 4th grader?  Where do I pick them up?  

    • If you have students in both wings, parents will pick up their children in the bus loop. The youngest child will be escorted by their teacher to the oldest sibling located in the bus loop.  

    What if my child walks or rides their bike home?

    • Classroom teachers will walk all their students outside.  Once there, walkers and bikers will be released to walk or ride home.  
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